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Our approach is based on a combination of bespoke formulation development and novel automated, continuous flow microfluidics. This enables our customers to produce high quality, uniform particles, encapsulate highly active and fragile materials, and undertake production at industrial scale.

SMALL specializes in the production of Liposomes, PLGA Nanoparticles, and Dendrimers


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2d vector of a Liposome Liposomes small bio biotechnologies
2d vector of a Dendrimer Particle small bio biotechnologies
vector of PLGA Nanoparticles small bio biotechnologies
Process Development.jpg

Formulation Development

Encapsulation of active components in a range of nanocapsuales with ability to tailor of solubility, release and circulation profiles.

Process Development

Development of upstream and downstream processes, reaction automation and implementation of production cycle.


Scale-up with retention of product quality and lot-to-lot reproducibility.

mRNA Encapsulation

vector of controlled release small bio biotechnologies

Controlled Release

Targeted Delivery

Bioavailability Enhancement

vector of API Solubilisation small bio biotechnologies

API Solubilisation

Protein Stabilisation

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